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Thank you so much for stopping by. 

I'm Natalie, a watercolor artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I create watercolor paintings in intense color, with whimsical movement and delicate organic shapes.

The spontaneous nature of watercolor is an important element in my work.  The flow of water pushes colors to bleed into each other, transforming and telling unexpected stories of their own.  I draw inspiration from this improvisational play, as well as my imagination and the natural world.

Within my portfolio you'll find abstracts, botanicals, starry landscapes, full moons, fruit, and Judaica, including Ketubahs.


Natalie Fine Shapiro at Art Fair.jpg
Fantasy Floral Watercolor Painting

My Story

Once when I was a little girl, I was drawing a picture and someone asked me, “Are you going to be an artist when you grow up?”  I replied, “I AM an artist!”

My mom got me started with art classes at an early age and never said no to art supplies.  Art, theater, and singing were my passions as an adolescent.  I studied voice in high school and college and went on to perform in various bands and released a few albums.  When I got off stage, as an introvert and home body, visual art was my favorite hobby. I've tried out several different mediums: figure drawing, jewelry making, henna body art, hand lettering, and finally in 2018, I began playing with watercolor.


Watercolor is both challenging and freeing.  Infuriating and rewarding.  I notice a strong push and pull between my perfectionism and my need to let loose.

My watercolor practice is transformational - always changing and growing, and the journey is exhilarating!

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